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Research Sites


A very cool site, with an online atlas, dictionary, almanac and encylopedia.


 This search engine lets you choose websites with a reading level that is "just right" for you
 Safe web searching for kids!
A great place to start when searching for information! 
     (school hours only)
 Use PebbleGo to read non-fiction books with interesting facts about animals, people and places.  Your teacher will give you a username and password.

Seawell Media Center

Click on this link to search the Seawell Media Center collections.

Learn NC Media Center 

This site has special links to help you with assignments and homework. Each grade has a different link.


These games help you remember the rules of going online safely. Use your computer logon name as your username and your lunch number as your password.

This site lets you watch short, funny, movies about many different educational subjects.  After watching the movies, you can take a quiz or play a game to test your knowledge of what you've learned!
BrainPop Junior 

A special version of BrainPop, with movies and games for kids in grades K-2.
The spanish-language version of the BrainPop site.
 MOMA Kids

Use this website to make a virtual visit to the Museum of Modern Art in New York City!


Click on the link to help you cite the sources you used when writing a report or project.

Digital Citizen Contract 
  Fill out this contract if you agree to be a good digital citizen.
 Websites to Evaluate