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Math Sites

Moby Max Math
(Grades 2-5)

1st Grade MobyMax

     Fun new site for practicing your math facts!

Reflex Math 
(Grades 2-5)

    Mr. Crabby is here to help you learn your math facts.  He will give you some awesome games to play! Your teacher will give you a code to log in with.

Funbrain Math Arcade

FunBrain has SO many math games, and they can all help you do better in school.

  You can play the games against the computer or against a friend.

   Cool 3-D Math Activities!

IXL Math

     Fun Math Games for All Grade Levels !

Area Builder Game

Play this cool little game to help you understand area and perimeter!

 Money Counting Game

 This is a cool game that helps you learn to count money. Fill up the cup with coins!


    Make awesome graphs to compare things!  Easy to use!

A + Math

Visit the game room and play exciting games like Matho and Hidden Picture... you can also create and print your own set of flashcards online!

Try the Homework Helper to check your math homework solutions.

Shodor Math

 These are really cool Java-based math games that you can play by yourself or  against a friend.

 Fun Math Games for all ages!

Leon's Math Dojo 

Be a Math Master by chopping the correct answer!
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