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Chess Club

The Seawell Chess Club will hold its first meeting on Monday, September 21th, immediately after school in the Media Center. The meeting will run every Monday until November 21.

Dear Parents and Chess Players
Click to Join   Starts Monday Sept 21
Letting your child's teacher know with a note to school that your child is in chess can be helpful the first day.
Seawell Chess Team
     Mondays   Sept 21 to Nov 9 2:30p to 3:50p
     Chess will be held in the Media Center
     Lead Coach: Tom McManus
     Fee: $110
     ***Pick Up at Carpool
     Kids in After School will go to after school.

Our first day will be very exciting as we try to get to know your child's current level of chess knowledge.  We separate kids in groups based on ability more than age.  The competitive ladder process helps them to be challenged while still being encouraged to improve.

No need to bring any materials to class.  All chess materials will be provided.